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Quality Services for Gorgeous Results

At Brows Threading, we offer the highest quality Salon services in Chicago. Our talented stylists can remove facial hair, wax unwanted leg hair. All in a single visit!

Facial Threading


We offer all the common facial threading services. Arch your eyebrows, remove some chin stubble or those pesky mini hairs on the upper lip. Our talented stylists will take care of all your needs! 



Try our waxing services for almost any part of your body! Get ready to show off those legs at the beach or those arms in the gym! We have specials for complementary areas. 

Want to try on some skin art? Needles not your thing? Try a henna tattoo to experiment with new designs and add some creative artwork to your hands, arms or almost any part of your body

Eyelash Extensions


Give those lashes some power to make a statement! Temporary extensions are a great way to a new, bold look.

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